Pogo Games Not Loading And How to fix it?

Hello Everyone, This is an updated guide that helps you solve a big chunk of pogo problems. if your pogo games are not loading or games are crashing, freezing, or taking forever to load on the browser then you should take it seriously.

it’s a wake-up call for your system and as well as your pogo games. today within this post you may find all helpful methods to get the pogo games working again.

if you have any pogo sign in problems and you confuse it with loading check out the link given above. Let’s Understand the possible reason behind the pogo not loading and we help you fix it.

Why is Pogo Games Not Loading?

Pogo games loading issue is one of the major issues for Pogo Users but There are multiple reasons for the same problem. Another major source of the problem is that the user might be using the older version of java or adobe flash. here is why you could have pogo games not loading.

  • Outdated version of java/flash or internet browser
  • unwanted cookies, cache, browser junk, virus, malware
  • Corrupted browser extension or pop-up blocker
  • browser compatibility or antivirus outdated/blocking the games
  • wrong date and time or slow internet connection
  • not support screen resolution for games

How to Fix Pogo Games Won’t Load Problem

After doing tons of research we have come up with a full list of the possible causes of the problem and How to fix them step by step. You can always Contact Pogo Customer service for any Additional Help. now let us begin with troubleshooting game loading problems one by one.

First, we will start with simple And Easy Steps to Fix the Pogo Games not Loading problem

Refresh Or Restart the system

This is one of the easiest methods of solving the pogo game loading issues. When you open the game, and nothing happens, press the shift key of your keyboard and try to reload the page either with your mouse or by pressing the F5 key.

restart the computer

This action will force your browser to neglect the cache present in it and use the version of the page present on the servers of pogo.com You Can Also Try Rebooting Your System and see if that helps you to solve the issue.

Clear the browser’s cache

First of all, clear the cache from the browser. For that follow the instructions below-

  1. Open the settings of your browser
  2. Open the history of your browser
  3. Click on clear history
  4. A list of checkboxes will appear along with the history of the browser, one such box is named cache. Click on it
  5. Click on the Delete button.
clear browser history

This will clean the cache present in your browser. Now restart the browser and open the website. Now open the game you want to play and check whether it is a flash-based game or a java-based game.

In both cases, delete their respective cache, which is in the case of a Java-powered game clear the java cache, and in the case of the flash-enabled game clear the flash cache.

Try another browser

If the above methods do not work, then you are left with no choice except to change your browser to a different one.

internet browser

Most internet users use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and internet explorer but there exist a lot of browsers on the web which can help you out. Surf on the internet and find the best alternative browser according to your needs.

One can always try a different browser to run pogo games, however, these are a few specific pogo games that can be only played on java-enabled browsers such as Euchre, Hearts, High Stakes Poker, Makeover Madness, Mini Golf Madness, Flower Daze, Fortune Bingo, Golf Solitaire, etc.

Since Google Chrome does not support Java & Flash you are left with little choice but there are plenty of games you can play on google chrome. find out what is the best browser for pogo games according to your system.

Remove Older Version Of Java

  • Go to Your Computer Contol Program List where you can see all installed Programs and Uninstall the Java Installed on your Computer.

Note- For Windows Users if you have Trouble Finding Programs Please Follow these Steps ( Press and Hold the windows+R key at the same time.

Now You will see a small Box Appearing on the left-hand side By the name Of Run. Please Type Appwiz.cpl in that Box and Press Ok You will See the List of installed programs Than You Can Remove Older ones From There)

uninstall java

Note- with technological improvements and changes now almost all browser has the inbuilt system to support your games so you No longer need java and you can skip java steps.

Get a new version of JAVA

  • This might be possible that there is no fault in the web browser you are using, but there is an error in the JAVA software you are using. First of all, remove the old version of JAVA by following the steps.
free java download
  1. Press Windows key+R and a dialogue box will appear. Write appwiz.cpl
  2. Uninstall your JAVA from there.
  3. Download the latest version of Java from https://www.java.com/
  4. Install the software
  5. Restart your browser to enable the new JAVA.

Check Internet Speed 

  • Sometimes it’s Your Slow Internet that may cause your Pogo Games to Have Problem While Loading.
  • figure out the Login Ip & of Your Router to  login the Router dashboard Settings 
  • to make sure Your Internet Speed is Fine Or Check the Internet Speed at speedtest.net

Test Your Antivirus

  • We don’t recommend any antivirus at this point in time but there are a lot of them and It’s Quite Possible that your antivirus can block a certain game or pogo.com Website itself while Playing any games if it finds anything suspicious.
  • as far as we know pogo.com serve Quality games without any malicious activity so Relax and try these steps-
disable antivirus
  • Disable your antivirus temporarily and restart your browser then try loading games again to see if that works. if you find your game working after disabling then go to Your antivirus and make an exception for pogo.com as a safe website
  • You can also contact your antivirus brand support and let them do this for you.

if the antivirus is blocking the internet check out these guides and take the reference as an example.

Redefine your screen resolution

This is not a common error seen while playing games on pogo.com but sometimes this can also be the reason behind the loading issues of the game. This error usually occurs on the old computer with low-resolution monitors.

The ideal resolution for a club pogo member is 1024 x 768 and 1152 x 864 for a free pogo member. The resolution of your screen must not be less than this.

If the resolution of the display is less than the minimum requirements, then change them from the settings of your computer.

screen resolution

These are the main issues that occur while playing games on pogo.com. Now you have a detailed description of the problems as well as their solutions.

Go to pogo.com and resolve the problem while loading the game using one of these methods and enjoy the endless games provided by the website for free.

System Requirements for Pogo Games

it is highly unlikely that any of the modern computers or phone is not compatible with pogo games. any device which is not older than 10 years should be totally compatible with pogo games, it’s just the browser that is supposed to look for. Here are windows & Mac System Requirements for Pogo games

Windows 10

  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Support Java Games
  • Edge Does not support Java games but will work On All Other Games
  • Chrome Does not support Java games but will work On All Other Games 

For Mac

Here are the system requirements for Mac. However, we will suggest you Use Safari for the Best gaming experience for mac

Mac (latest version)

  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • google chrome.

We Hope Your pogo games loading issue has been solved. contact pogo technical support we’ll provide some further information for pogo games-related issues.

Please Comment Below and let us know if you need any other Help With Your Pogo Games Loading Issue Related Problems.

We Thank You For Reading Good Luck.

How We Help You Fix Pogo Games Problems?

There are multiple issues where one might need Pogo technical support to help you fix the problem.

  • Games Not Loading, Working, or Crashing.
  • Games sign-in and login issues
  • Update Registered Email address or Payment Method
  • System Cleanup & Optimization
  • Refund and subscription Query
  • Solve Java and Flash Plugin Issues
  • Games badges, tokens, Gems Missing

Now any of these problems can be solved just by calling contact pogo customer service for help

we have provided quick and easy methods on almost all issues that would really help you. pogo games were acquired by ea sports years back and if you looking for direct support then you should contact support for further help.