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over the period of time with improving technology, the synchronization between browsers and games has been causing issues for pogo users. java and flash games are extremely popular among pogo users.

Now since Google chrome and Firefox no longer support java and flash language on their browsers it gets hard and hard for users to keep updated with changing technology. here are some of the most popular games that may get have trouble because the java and flash.

Popular Pogo Java Games-  Bridge, Euchre, Word Whomp Whackdown, Texas Hold’em Poker, Hearts, Golf Solitaire, Battleship, Lost Temple Poker, Super Dominoes, Lottso!, Fortune Bingo 6th Street Omaha Poker, etc.

Popular pogo flash games- Yahtzee party, Canasta, Scrabble, Dominoes, Mahjong Garden, Chess, Jungle Gin, Spades, Solitaire Garden, Monopoly, Boggle Bash, Cirque du Flea, First Class Solitaire, Mahjong Safari, Spades Slingo, etc.

while having trouble with pogo games browser adjustment you can always contact pogo customer support for any help related to pogo games not loading on the current browser

Pogo Games Trouble With Browser?

Let us do Give a Quick analysis of what we have found during our research and there are acknowledged issues by various users-

pogo games browser trouble

on Google Chrome Browser – you can play flash and html5 games because google chrome supports it. thought google does not support external flash however it does have a built-in flash so try playing games on it.

google chrome does not support java so you won’t be able to play java games on google instead we would recommend you to use palemoon Browser for java games.

on Internet Explorer 11 browser-  Internet Explorer Supports Flash, Java, and Html5 but you may have additional Problems such as speed issues, black screens, java errors, scripting errors and extension errors, etc.

Microsoft Edge- its a fresh new browser that came with windows 10. Microsoft Edge supports Flash and Html5, but it does not support Java. this browser is good however it still needs some improvement on the speed part.

On Safari web Browser- well safari does not support java and flash. it does support HTML games and in some cases, it works for flash games however we don’t consider it to be the better browser for pogo games.

on Mozilla Firefox Browser- normally lot of pro pogo users suggest internet explorer to be the best browser for pogo games but we beg to differ with that. we have tested Firefox and it seems crashing issues with Firefox is way too much.

since Firefox is an open-source browser once the problem starts with Firefox it takes a lot of time for it to be fixed hence we really don’t recommend it to be the best browser for pogo games.

Which Browser is best for Pogo Games ?

if we are to choose which browser is the best browser for playing pogo games then we recommend downloading google chrome as a prime browser and keeping the secondary palemoon browser only for pogo java games. having an additional browser won’t hurt your pc performance.

best browser to play java games

there, you have our unbiased opinion and recommendation however if you still have pogo games loading problem then check out our recommended guides to fixing the problem.

Do contact our support team if you have any need of further help and assistance.