How To Contact Pogo Customer Service?

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Pogo Games Have more than 5 million registered users including Free Users And  Club Pogo Members. With this Kind of Big Customer Base, it is Only Bound to have a Need for Good Customer service.  We have observed that hundreds of Users are Looking for Pogo Phone Support Numbers and Customer service each day.

This Guide Will Enable you to contact Pogo Customer service in an easy way. Let’s Go And Understand various reasons that could compel you to Got Look for Help. for any of billing-related issues do try contacting pogo technical support for help.

Pogo Customer Service Number

Now, Most of the online games-related Problems such as Pogo Games Not loading or any issues with login in to your pogo account could be resolved by the informative guides we have given in our blog section. Now any problems with Your games can be resolved by calling our Contact pogo customer service services provided by our expert customer support team.

Pogo customer support can help you with almost all kinds of trouble related to games such as –

  • Games Not Working, Loading, or Taking forever to load
  • Account Sign-in or Login Problems
  • Forgotten screen name or registered email address
  • Password restoration or account recovery
  • Tokens, Gems, rewards and Badges Missing
  • Java, Flash, or Browser related pogo Problems
  • Corrupted Browser extension and unwanted Cookies, cache Issues
  • Games Compatibility Related Problems
  • Firewall, antivirus Blocking the Games
  • Screen Resolutions and system optimization.
  • Refund, cancellation, renewal, or pogo Games Membership
  • update billing methods and email address for invoice

some of the issues are not mentioned but you can ask for any games-related help and our support team will not disappoint you. Find the best Browser for Pogo Games if issues are related to Browser trouble.

Would You Like to Talk to Pogo tech support over the phone Or You Are just Comfortable With Chat Support? If You Need Any Help With your club pogo Membership Or Games Pogo Support we Can always Help you to recover And Troubleshoot your pogo account. You can Fix Pogo sign in Problems in simple steps.

How to Reach Pogo Customer service number Directly?

Since Pogo Support Do Not have a Direct Number Or Customer Helpline to Reach out We Can Recommend You Go through The Process given above to Get Pogo customer support. do check out our Blog for any other pogo-related problems that can help guide you to fix pogo problems on your own.

8665435435 is the number that was used by pogo support but not anymore.

Now here is another way to you getting help. Please follow the steps to connect with a pogo live chat associate who can guide you on how to resolve any pogo issues. Before Contacting live chat please Keep some of the information handy as they may ask it to verify your pogo account. details such as –

  • registered Email address or Phone Number associated with Pogo Ea Account.
  • Screen the name Or last 4 digits of the card for making any changes in the billing section.

for billing-related, problems call pogo billing support for help.

Now Please Follow the step to step Guide on How to connect with official Pogo chat support.

Live Chat Support

Let’s Get Started And Get In Touch with official pogo customer support.

1. First Go to the Website  And Select Pogo Game.

2. If You Couldn’t Find That Than Please Visit

select your platform

3. Now Select Your Platform And Select Topic With Your Issue 

select issues and topic

4. Now Click On the Select Contact option. in the next step, You Will Have to Login with your Pogo username and password. Just in case if you fail to login Using Your Pogo account please click On Create a new Account Or If You are having Loading Issues Then visit Why Pogo games are not loading & How to fix it 

sign in your pogo account

5. Now Once You created Your New Ea account and Please go to Live Chat And Explain Your Problem to Support People.

Recommended pogo support option

6. They Will Verify Your information and Guide you to fix Your Pogo Problems.

the instruction is given above is the best way to contact pogo customer service. We hope this Will Allow You some peace of mind And Get you the Help you Need with Your Pogo account.

Pogo Question- Answers Community

if you are not in rush or in need of quick help then you can ask the question from community expert members or fellow members will answer the question for you. you can also browse tons of related topics to help you with any pogo tech problems.

However, There are Many third Party Support Providers Who Can Help You Fix Your Pogo Games Related Problem For a nominal cost. you can choose an option such as live chat support or Pogo phone support.

just log in with your EA account and post the question and someone will answer it. the critical point is that most of the times user don’t even know the real cause behind the pogo problems while this is a good way of getting help but it is not as effective as pogo customer service so choose your options accordingly.

Social Media Connection

in the cutting edge of technology and social media, pogo customer service could also contact be using social media channels. Facebook can be a good way for asking for help or Twitter may also help you in that case. there are other social media platforms but there are not as helpful as these two social media channels.

We Hope this May Help You Get the Pogo Customer Care number And Fix your Pogo Game Problems

🙂 Please Comment Below and let us know if you need any other help Or Support with your pogo games.

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28 thoughts on “How To Contact Pogo Customer Service?

  1. I had a pogo account under the name of metaq******. My name is Karen Nahirniak. I canceled my account but pogo charged me 61.11 on my visa account. I need to get this reversed asap!!

  2. im trying to cancel my pogo membership.have not used your service for some time .
    heve sent email to cancel but have not heard back.
    hope you can help.

  3. I have tried several times to get into my pogo account which I have been a member for years. It doesn’t seem to recognize my sigh in name nur*** and as far as I know, it is with my email vjeis********. P/W corkie. I have many points and I won’t join again because I have saved these points for many years. I am also a member.

  4. I have been a loyal customer of Pogo, and recently I had to stop my club membership because when your Switzerland headquarters charged my card they charged wrong amount and now my card had to be cancelled and am waiting on a new one. If you had stuck to what I always paid I wouldn’t be going through this mess.

  5. Since you have changed the way we get on our pogo games. I can not get on. Every time I put my password in it says it is incorrect. Please help as i am paying for this service. My screen name is bobb**** and my password was mac**** but you want an uppercase letter in it with a number so I changed it to Mcgi**** but it won’t work. Please fix this problem as soon as possible
    Thank you Joanne Mcgill

  6. Where has my account gone. It won’t let me sign in. I have been an active player for many years and have 3,002 badges and over 42,000,000 tokens and now it says I am not a member. I paid my yearly fee not very long ago and I am really upset about this. Is there a way to fix this problem and give me back my account? I was just on this morning and played the Crossword Cove for the tokens went off the game to do something else and now it is like I never existed.

  7. I am pretty sure that I cancelled my pogo membership. But now I am getting notices about my renewal.
    I want my membership cancelled.

  8. I want to talk to a human e everytime I dont use my tablet for a few days I have trouble getting back on pogo I’m tired of resetting passwords and then they don’t work pogo is getting bad I have bee. A me.ber for at least 15 years

  9. My wife and I have not been able to log into pogo for at least 2 days due to their technical problems. Pogo needs to refund our cost for this time and fix their problems so my wife and I and others can log in.

  10. I lost all my points (over 7,000,000 when pogo games changed. It would not take my login no matter what. I was and am a pogo club member with NO benefits. My checking account was charged $42.39 in May. I still can’t get into pogo club member games. PLEASE respond!

  11. With the new pogo… if you are charging yearly membership and for tokens… you will be loosing alot of customers… just saying… please send me email explaining how this is going to be charged… yearly and or just pay for takens? Thank you…Lori

  12. All the games I play on Pogo have been elimated. My membership renewed in Feb. Since you no longer offer the games that almost everyone signed up to play, I would like to request a refund.

  13. i have had nothing but touble getting on to pogo. “cant reach that sight” thats all i get. getting really,really tired of this. i pay every year for this and do not expect to have all this trouble.
    getting tired of it. very disappointed with pogo.

  14. is pogo off right now trying to play it says no site nothing is wrong on my end may 9 2020

  15. I forgot my pw to sign in on but can sign in to EA accts. I have been tring to solve this for the past 4hrs. yesterday i sign in with no prob. nothing being sent to my emaill either.

  16. I try to sign in to POGO, but it just keeps reverting back to the sign in page. I have been a member for a long time, but this is very frustrating.

  17. I am being blocked from I have been a paying customer for many, many years. They refuse to recognize my password and when I ask to change it and it’s sent to my email, after going back in, I’m told that my email is not recognized. What do I do next?

    1. I can not get into my account to cancel my membership. I can not get into my account to play any games. Advise please

  18. I am so frustrated with pogo. My games keep freezing. I buy extra gems so I can buy power ups. When it restarts the game I loose the gems I was using

  19. I can’t get on the site, it says Unable to sign in. We encountered an unexpected error while trying to sign you in. Please try again later. This has been for 2 days.

  20. I cannot get on to Pogo – blocked – it says I do not meet the age requirements! Have been a pogo customer for many years. Please fix this Lynn Pashko

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