How to Connect With Ea Sports Customer Service?

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Looking for Quality Assistance is a key component to troubleshoot online games-related issues. Over the years electronic arts known as (E.A) has acquired many great Gaming Websites for its users. under the umbrella of EA, there are 100s of website that provides fun gaming service to their users which are paid and free. here is the list of acquisitions of ea for a better understanding.

Some of the most popular websites are PopCap games. ESN, Gamefly, Pogo, Firemint, etc. recently Acquired code masters for games & development.

with this large customer database, they require a dedicated customer service department to keep their customers trouble-free while using their gaming services. for contact pogo customer support we have already given you clear instructions on how to get a hold of the support team but for any other games here is how you should go about getting the help.

How Ea Customer Service Can Help?

ea customer service with their great tech support can help you fix almost any kind of issue that you have with Ea Games and platforms that you are using like Windows, mac, ios or android, etc.

while playing Online games one must be aware of compatibility and games system requirements and the team helps you understand the best way of going about that.

they will help you with pretty much anything that is under the Ea Sports umbrella. ea customer service number is Quite effective to solve your billing-related matters.

Some of the services you can get from ea customer services are mentioned below-

  • Resolving Games loading, Crashing, Freezing, or lagging problems
  • understand system Compatibility, scan it and use the best browser for Games.
  • Downloading, installing, and activating games to your system.
  • Subscription sign-up/cancellation and refunds.
  • Purchase, rewards, and coupon-related issues.
  • Games plugins such as ActiveX controller, java, and flash issues

here is a complete methods to contact ea customer service and get help.

How to Contact the technical Support Team?

there are multiple ways you connect the ea customer service and let us make it easy for you to find them all under one roof.

Ea Games Live chat Help– this is the most used and the best-equipped way of getting help. once connected with chat you must verify yourself as the rightful owner of your account. go to and select the Game Product that you having trouble with and follow on-screen visual steps to get hold of customer support.

Ea Phone Support– there is no direct number for Ea Games support to dial and get help. you have to go through the ea official website, connect with chat support then request a call back for help. the toll-free number given on the internet 866-543-5435 does not seem to work anymore.

On-Demand Support– apart from billing problems few issues are not under the scope of ea customer support. for example when your games are not working because of computer-related problems like unwanted cookies, cache, virus, malware junks in Browser, corruption, or plugin-related issues then you should contact our pogo customer service Team at the toll-free number to assist you against a very nominal fee.

Forum/Community Guidance– Ea Games have a huge number of articles on their Blog/community and the forum does check out all of them at the official ea forum website

our services are independent and very reliable and any charges will only occur when the issue is resolved. we tell you to cost upfront before going for the resolutions and we use branded antivirus programs, cleaners, and expert technicians to handle your technical needs.

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