How to Fix Screen Resolution For Pogo Games?

Dear Pogo players,

Are you having trouble with your computer screen size while playing Pogo games? Does your Pogo games screen look too Big Or Too small?

Today In this post, we will Help you Fix the Pogo Games Screen Size Please Follow The Steps.

If you are having any trouble With pogo games screen size that is probably because of the display resolution.

Most Pogo Players are Already Playing games on Windows & Mac Machines But there are Old School People too And They like to Stick With their Older computers. Since Microsoft Has Ended Security Updates for Windows XP And Vista

We Recommend You not Use these Operating systems Anymore. we have already given a post about how to fix pogo games not loading so check it out if you have loading issues.

Don’t worry if you don’t Know Which Operating system you are using We still be able to Provide You with Support. ( Probably You are already On Windows 11 or 10 Or Windows 8

Now We have Only Windows And Mac operating Computers on which You might Get into Trouble

Screen Resolution For Pogo Games

Generally, when we Refer to Screen resolution we mean the clarity of text and images displayed on your screen. At higher resolutions, such as 1600 x 1200 pixels, items look sharper and Icons and Text Get sink to a Brighter and clear Display.

It Gets Just the opposite in lower resolutions because Screen And icons get Larger and Unclear. Nowadays it is Hard to Even Operate a computer in lower resolution.

In Our Experience, Most of the Pogo Users who had the issue were not computer savvy and they changed the screen resolution by mistake.

Now before we start providing you with steps to fix the issue we would like to give you a Tip That might Help You Get a Better Gaming Experience.

There are Two Version of Pogo Games that One Can Enjoy:-

  1. Free And Limited Version of Pogo
  2. Access With Club Pogo Membership

The reason we are pressing this Point is Essential Because for a Better Pogo experience you must Have the Correct resolution For Both Versions as recommended By Electronic Arts. you can also ask for help from Pogo Ea customer service to help you set it up.

Fix Screen Resolution For Pogo

Let’s Try Some Basic Troubleshooting Before We change Any settings to Your Computer

  1. Close your Internet Browser on which You were Playing Games
  2. Restart your Computer And Let it Reboot Properly

Try Opening the Pogo Games and See if that Works

Now let’s Go Back and Help you fix the Screen Size Of Your Computer.

Adjust Screen Resolution For Windows Computer

  • Go to Your Computer Desktop and Right Click
  • Now You Can see a Few Option Please Click On-Screen Resolution Or Display Settings ( For Windows 10 or 11 ) Please Adjust Your Resolution From Here
  • For Club Pogo Members Please set their Screen resolution  Please set their resolution to 1024 by 768 or higher Depending On Your system Capacity & For Free Pogo members Please set the  Screen resolution to 1152 by 864.
  • Adopt the Setting and Click on Apply and Ok.

This Should Fix the Issue If Necessary Please Restart The Computer and Try Playing the Pogo Again See if that Helps. if you have any pogo sign in problems then check out our guides to help you fix the issues.

Adjust Mac Computer Screen resolution

Well, Friends, Its Quite Frustrating having this Issue on mac computers Because then you have a lot of things to assume to go wrong with the Mac Screen But Trust Us it is Quite Simple to Fix Screen Resolution in an Apple Computer. Please Follow these Steps –

  • Look at the very top of your Mac Screen You can See the apple Icon at the right-hand top  Please Click on it, Select System Preference
  • Now Please Select Display and Look at all the Available screen Resolution For Your System. Select the Same Resolution as we told you for Windows Computer.
  • For Club Pogo Members Screen Resolution Should be 1024 by 768  Or Higher And for Free Pogo Members it should be 1152 by 864
  • Adjust the settings and X Out the system preference
  • Restart Your Mac computer and You Should be Good

Still Not Fixed?

Friends we think that there Can be More Tips That You Can Use to Fix these Issues
Tips: Please Follow these 2 Steps as our Final Approach-
1. Reset Your Internet Browser and Close it, Uninstall java & Restart Your Computer
2. Install the Latest Version of java to Your Computer and See if that works. You can learn about uninstalling java from a computer

We Sincerely Hope this Helps you fix the Issue For Any Other Help you Should contact Pogo Customer support

Please Comment Below and Do let us know if you need any Other Help And Support to Fix Screen Resolution For Pogo Games. we will Be More than Glad to Help you Find the fix for any pogo Game Problems

Thanks, & Good Luck

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